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Background Story

Evelyn E. Garland is a writer, entrepreneur, poet and an author. This her first children book “The Reason I Held You Close “. Writing is something she has always like doing. However timing was not always there. This book started out as a poem she wrote several years ago. Now ready to share her writing with the world and begin a new journey in life.

Eve's Book Journey is about her writing. Doing the work to make her dreams a reality is a process. Pushing through obstacles and overcoming challenges makes it that much more precious when seeing the finished product. Then all that follows to get it out to the public eyes. There are different types of writing styles she has outside of children books. More to come as this book journey blossoms.

Words of encouragement:

You have one life so live it to your fullest potential. Step out your box and remove your limitations. You will never know where God can take you when you step out and trust Him with every possible direction.

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