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Closing One Chapter to Begin a New One

As this year comes to a close and a new one is around the corner. How many are really ready to embrace the new year?

Looking over this year, especially these last six to seven months has been interesting for me in many ways. However, ending the year with winning Royal DragonFly 2022 1st place for my book made it worth it (super excited!!). This platform and the engagement with others on this road has been and is all a part of Eve’s Book Journey. A Faith walk in EVERY STEP and EVERY WAY! Getting feedback from the kids is fun!

To get to see your dreams and goals accomplished it takes “Actions”,small steps to a big win. If you could see your future You (the accomplished successful you) the effort worked on to make it happen. What would you tell your younger self about the journey ahead? How would you encourage yourself and elevate those around to rise up?

Every life lesson adds to your chapters of your life. You are the narrator daily, each week,month and year. Some chapters are longer then others,have more meaning and definitions, some are healing, some have brokenness and lost, some are faith walks, some are business opportunities, some are “Who am I and not what people expect of me or think”, some are goodbyes and hello relationships, and so much more as the years go on. You can always edit your book or series of books-not your past,but your present towards your future and for generations to come. Your book is only finished when you close your eyes for the last time.

However, whether it truly finished or unfinished is up to you. Count your blessings,overcome your fears,be focused, be determined,remember to love-laugh-care and share the good things in life, use wisdom, create memories, smile, forgive yourself and others(forgiving them is for you as you heal). Don’t give up on hope or prayer or dreams or goals or faith in God, and strive to be your best you in 2023 by an Action Plan. Delay is not denied,sometimes it’s just rerouting based on your choices.

What chapter of your life do you find yourself in December of 2022 ?

Written by : Evelyn E. Garland

Date 12/16/22






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