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Daily Outlook of Appreciation

Updated: Feb 13

As summer comes to a close perspective of outlooks over the last eight months is in view.Did you transform your outlook to better yourself and others around you? Life has evolved for many in many ways. Have you learned to appreciate who and what you have as you look around at the end of the day.

This world is always changing day in and day out. With all that’s going on do you take the time to smell the roses and appreciate what you have in front of you. The relationships we develop over time have a hand in it. Looking at what others may or may not have seems to be the grass on the other side. Some appreciate it too late yet still realize it. While some lose it and never really appreciate things.

Relationships whether personally or professionally are built daily. They sometimes shape how we view stuff. We have individual personalities and connect with people in different ways. This is what makes you….you. What makes the grass look so good and what influences the lack of, are questions to help you. Talking to people,listening (a major part) and willing to receive what’s being said in conversations is a great eye opener for people. Distractions are at every corner, check your focus as you are walking out your daily life.

7 Helpful Tips for Daily Outlook

  1. Look at the glass half full not half empty

  2. Let the warm sun put a smile on you face

  3. Give God thanks for the small,big and all things in between

  4. Water your own grass for growth you will appreciate it more

  5. Realize everyone may not agree with you….be ok and be open to listen

  6. Make sure to cherish your blessing in the relationships you have

  7. Stop to smell the roses around you,your outlook will be more valuable

It is the refocus that works to make you appreciate the little things in life.

Written by: Author Evelyn E. Garland

August 29,2022


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