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Do You Know Your History?

Celebrating Black History is a 365 days and 24/7 event, connecting the past to the now. There are many accomplishments and barriers that have been broken for generations today. Looking back is not just the past but milestones we have won through the press for change for the present and future generations. It was their passion, love, tears, death, dedication, patience, and perseverance in fear and bravery to break barriers. The struggles and hardships our ancestors faced and the rise up for change onward is something to appreciate.

Barriers Broken from sports to modeling to acting to music to writing to being inventors (like the hot-comb, home security system, three-light traffic light, automatic elevator doors, peanut butter, and so much more) to military advancements to laws being changed to being a judge in the courthouse to television/news anchors to the medical field to The Black Wall Street to Hall of Fame to Business Ownership to authorship to science to home ownership to the White House and the list grows everyday.

The activities and everyday items we sometimes take for granted were birthed out of the struggles of those striving to make a difference. Some of their names may never be known or mentioned in an article or book but we should acknowledge them and the roads they have paved for us.

Some of the historical events can be in your own family. They do not have to be grand to the world but make the most impact to your family, shifting them and the next generations for a better life. Examples are the first to graduate from high school or college, gaining financial freedom, start and run a successful business, first to own a car, first marriage to succeed and last, to show love in actions, first to move away from the crazy and unhealthy environment, change in mentality, to making your dream a reality and much more.

Black History Month is a celebration of who we are, what we have done and who we are becoming. There are still things we see today in 2023 that are heartbreaking and need constant work such as racism, black on black crime, police treatment, the justice system, lack of voting during elections and much more.

Be the change you want to see not for the likes or follows or to be seen. The history you are making today will be talked about as old for future generations.

Written by : Author Evelyn E. Garland

Date: 02/13/2023

Time: 2:45 pm






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