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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 18


When a new year begins, planning “New Years Resolutions” is enviable for some. What action plans are you taking this year to make a difference for yourself and those around you?

Whether it is to start a business, to write and publish your book, start a blog, leave your current job for a better one, financial or relationship goals, forgive better, love better,or watch that movie finally.

Whatever it is for you, write down your action plan and set your goals. Remember every step in being consistent makes the change a reality for you. The small steps of action added together creates that big goal or dream. Now watching a movie may not seem so big,but it is who you are making the time with for that movie(s) is what really counts in the end.

Having a 90 day plan to check for action will definitely track your progress to success toward the end of the year. Breaking the 90 days down to daily and weekly goals will allow you to see how far you have come. This doesn’t mean things won’t have obstacles during the challenges to see whatever the goal(s) is to you. Don’t give up or in the transformation you are making will inspire others to get up and expand for themselves. Holding yourself for accountability will keep you grounded. If you need support, find those in the field you are seeking and learn as you move forward.

Do you know why having a vision board is so important?

For some it reminds them why this fight,this change,this increase, this……… is the transformation to living my best life for my current and future self.

The year has just begun- don’t waste time. Just as one year has come and new one begun-one thing they have in common is time and days wait for no one. So do not allow another year pass by you. Make 2023 your year to raise up and be proactive in being one your best years so far. You future you will thank you.

Written by: Evelyn E. Garland

Date : 01/06/23





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