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Out the of Box

Updated: Feb 13


When you think of opportunities do you jump in with no questions asked or do you sit on them to ponder?

Comfort Zones are like our favorite snuggie to take everywhere we go. Knowing when it's time to leave it behind can be hard and embracing better is a mystery of the unknown. They are sometimes what we created for ourselves in our own thinking, it's the environment we are in and people's limitations of who they think we can/should be.
Breaking the mold is a challenge for many because it has never been done before. Going against the familiar in your thinking are filled with boxes of questions of "what if". However it is on the journey of becoming your best you,you discover who you really are. Greatness is not something you are born with. It is your life's accomplishments you have success in and what you have overcome to build the lifestyle desired while helping others along the way in your path.
Out of the box of what you are used to, take bold steps even when you are afraid of the unknown territories to dream big and win. The ups and down can be disappointing,so you get tempted to grab that snuggie of familiarity because it's safe. When you realize growth takes steps of moving forward daily-what seems too big looks small as you keep moving. Especially,when you are in your feelings that day,week,and month. You learn time waits for no one.
Remember out of the box stretches and pushes you to accomplish great things,so always keep your dreams in infront of you.

Written by: Author Evelyn E. Garland

Date: July 20,2022

Time: 4:19pm

#breakoutthebox #liveonpurpose #makeityourladder


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