Read Between The Lines

Updated: Jul 21

Expressions are everything when you write. The undertone in your words are they heard or was it missed? We say “read between the lines” in our conversation when we are talking. Can this be transparent when we write as well. Being a new writer, you want your work to relatable. Listening as you write shapes what those who read hear. Getting a second opinion afterwards helps to test the ears of others. We can say too much that it becomes too much for others to understand. Saying too little can be too vague for your readers. This can leave them with more questions than answers. In my own opinion, there are many people who write with smooth words like butter, the message will not be missed.

In the end you have to find your style, your voice, add your personal touch, give clarity and connect with your readers, so they too can read between the lines. How are you in writing when is comes to “reading between the lines”?

Written by: Evelyn E. Garland

February 17,2022

#reading #writing #lessons

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