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Roads To Your Destiny

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

No matter what you decide to accomplish in this life your “why“ is always behind it. There are different avenues to go after what you want to better your life. Some roads leave down a right or wrong path. Sometimes you have road blocks,unexpected construction stop,clear highways(are the best days),re-routes, dead ends,and new highways, hills,off road trails,streets,roads to conquer.

Knowing what your want in life can take time for some people because you change your mind or you are unsure. For others they just know the gps is locked in, they are ready for road to their destination. For many they may not know how to execute the plan for the map out yet. So many start with what they have and make it work for them. As we grow up we have ideas and imaginations on what we can become or would like to become. Even as adults say” When I grow up I want to be like you.” in a joking matter. Defining your passion in life can start off as a hobby. It might be the small or big. However you never know how it can encourage someone to look at their own road of life to adjust the gps.

Like the picture above the overview from a distance is beautiful and eye catching. You see the finish work but not the behind scenes of detours and delays. The frustration of wrong turns, hard-work, days of wanting to quit or those who quit on you, obstacles to overcome the challenges of day to day life. Focus and determination mixed with discipline and balance is one side of the key. In the mist of the journey remember to love, laugh, smile, eat, pray, take a break, and celebrate even the smallest wins in life is the other side of the key.

Knowing what you have accomplished your “why” refines itself from time to time as you move forward and realize it was all worth it.

Written by Evelyn E. Garland

June 26, 2022

#liferoadmap #hillsandvalleys #worthitall

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