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Testing…..A Push and Purpose

Updated: Feb 13

How calm are you to push forward during your testing phase in life?

Whether it is a school test,conversations you engage in, faith walk ,kids, friend choices, spouse, to walk away or stay,work/career issues, to eat one more piece of cake/cookies,relationships,business deals,health issues,family, what do I wear today,etc.

Your support team or who you have in your corner (if any) makes difference in your decisions and reactions. Will you choose something quick because time is short in your eyes? Will what you choose be life altering to you and those around you?

Do you pray, work,seek wise counsel and wait or do you guess because the “If I were you crowd” is loud? Knowing sound wisdom and drowning the unneeded voice to get clarity is the best way to go. There is always that D- all the above answers, C when in doubt does not work in all scenarios especially in daily life lessons.

At the end of the day when all is said and done or unsaid or undone are you satisfied with the outcome of your motivation. Do you have more doubts,annoyances,and questions or did you do your best, tried one more time, looked at your glass half-full,prayed throughout your day because you knew God will make a way even if you do not see it. Learning His timing is perfect. We don’t agree with situations as they appear to have peace and be calm to move forward when monkey wrenches are being thrown from all directions, even your “safe space”. However, the way the situation is handled says a lot without words because of your attitude and actions towards your altitude in life.

You may ask what's the purpose of these tests and trials in life? My opinion:Your testing is building your muscles you didn't know you needed in the good and bad times of your life journey.Testing is not easy but passing after the failed attempts is your testimony of how you overcame. Your test has a purpose to who you are becoming.

Written by: Author Evelyn E. Garland

Sept 30,2022






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