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Updated: Jul 21

Who hasn’t had this issue before? Now this is with anything you ever had to write down. Sometimes we write as we think. We get in a groove it sounds and looks 👀 good to us until someone else reads it. It at times can be smallest things like a letter missing in a word, a run on sentence or the wrong pretense of a word. For instance, “The house on the corner is were they has ben living a long time “. Do you see the errors? How would you rewrite this sentence?

Although we have these different ways to correct our writing, it does depend on what you are using while you are writing to catch them. For example, are you using your notepad on your phone,tablet or computer, Microsoft Word or a third-party app to help you. I know this may be unfamiliar to many depending on your style, how about writing things out by hand with pen and paper. Thinking as we write keeps the thoughts fresh for some people.

Once it is all out or we are taking a break, we reread it, catch a few items, and even read it to others. However, when they read the material for themselves the report, the essay, the article, the letter or whatever it is finds more errors to correct.They find every grammar error you did not see or notice. Those are the times you are grateful you did not hit the send, print or fax button already.

But even if you already hit the send button and the world sees it. The hope that it can be retracted as well as the updated version seen is always at the forefront of your mind. What did you learn from this experience you ask yourself? Checking you grammer through proof reading is important, amongst others. It is definitely natural to have hiccups no matter what you write. So double check, triple check, and use all available tools to polish off you work for the best version before sending.

Written by: Evelyn E. Garland

April 11,2022

#writerslife #mistakesarelessons #breathe

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